NCR Biochemical incorporates Rental Colloid

Interviewing Alessio Canfailla, NCR Biochemical Business Manager

By Margherita Baroni

NCR Biochemical has been recently taken over by Rental Colloid, which is a producer of specialty chemical auxiliary agents for water treatment, for the paper, textile and sugar industry, as well as for the construction sector and the plastic material recycling sector. The acquisition took place last April. We got in touch with NCR Biochemical Business Manager Alessio Canfailla, to enquire about the integration about these two players, which once were competitors and as often happens for many companies along the industrial paper supply chain are today together in their business activity.

In the words of Mr. Canfailla, «Rental Colloid has always been synonymous with seriousness and quality in the paper sector over the years. The features and culture of the company perfectly integrate with the objective and the policy of NCR Biochemical. Their penetration in and knowledge of the Italian market is very important, hence our interest in reinforcing our presence on the internal market to offer a larger coverage. For the above reasons, on 30th April 2014 we purchased 100% of the shares of Rental Colloid, with the company now becoming an integral part of the NCR Biochemical SpA group.

NCR Biochemical and Rental Colloid boast a year-long experience in the sector of specialty chemicals for paper production. Their products and technologies have undergone a long evolution and this acquisition will make it possible to generate synergies in the technological field for many of the additives we will propose for the manufacturing process: from anti-foaming agents for all types of paper, to tissue softeners, to additives for pulp refining.

NCR Biochemical Business Manager Alessio Canfailla.
NCR Biochemical Business Manager Alessio Canfailla.

Together for an improved market coverage.

Mr. Canfailla goes on by saying that «Rental Colloid organization is mainly limited to the Italian market, therefore this acquisition does not alter the organization of NCR Biochemical. The brand will not change and the organizational structure will be independent for a period yet to be defined. The Valdobbiadene production plant will be absorbed by the NCR Biochemical plant in the area of Bologna.

The activity of NCR Biochemical covers several industrial sectors besides paper production, ranging from sugar production to water treatment in all the industries using water for manufacturing purposes, up to the treatment of both drinking waters and waste waters for civil and industrial purposes. And yet it is true that the paper sector makes up for a significant share of our turnover and we are continuing investing in it, as we firmly believe in our increasing capacities and potential, also based on the positive feedback from our customers.. Development is mainly achieved on foreign markets, as our international coverage is on the rise. We expect to achieve more significant development in the future, as both the market and our products have huge potential.

The Italian market is currently growing more slowly, that is why NCR Biochemical believed that a synergy with Rental Colloid might bring about competitive advantages. All our actions are for improved customer service to offer them a set of more technologically advanced products.

As NCR Biochemical covers several application sectors, it is difficult to exactly estimate individual market shares; nonetheless, depending on the various sectors, we cover from 10% to 50% of the specific market shares Italy. In Europe our penetration on the market is still limited, although in rapid growth.

Given the objective difficulties encountered by many types of paper, the current market certainly does not support our potential. To reduce the negative effects of this handicap on our growth, much of our effort is targeted to the Tissue sector, which is instead registering a rising trend. We are obtaining a very positive feedback especially in South-East Asia, where we will be active in a couple of weeks with our subsidiary and our personnel».