New Aerodinamica, when a filter… makes the difference


Another Italian flag on the map for the new intervention recently completed by the New Aerodinamica team. This time in Santa Giusta, a town in the province of Oristano with Ondulor, a paper-making company specialized in packaging for fruits and vegetables, pizza, food, services and industry sectors, operating since 1973. Their distinctive feature is the ability to customize the product, offering solutions in terms of shape, graphics and size. An element that unites Ondulor to New Aerodinamica, always ready to meet the customers needs.

Exactlty as it happened during this last intervention where Ondulor relied on the Bergamo team skills to solve a problem related to an inoperative filter fundamental for dust abatement. Not a random choice but dictated by a previous collaboration with New Aerodinamica dating back to 2009 when the team intervened to create a separator to discharge material directly into the press, replacing an existing cyclone. 100% success and forerunner of this 2022 recall needed to perform a revamping to replace an unsuitable filter that caused dispersion and dust accumulation in the press area which was also affecting the nearest department. First step: a survey to carry out some checks such as air ports for the resizing of the filter and the balancing fan, step necessary to evaluate with the customer the best area for positioning. Second step: realization and installation of the filter, placed against the wall and the press, in which New Aerodinamica technicians managed to insert a filter with 4.5 meter sleeves, thanks to a specially designed long and high conformation. Last phase: regulation through a PLC panel, supported by touch screen and remote connection, innovative elements introduced by New Aerodinamica to ensure a fast and super efficient remote control for its customers with the possibility of immediate intervention. Feedback about successful installation? Happy customer and satisfied operators for stopping the dust escape that caused dangerous mechanical blocks to the machinery which could have led to fire hazard and possible breakage.

For greater clarity we passed the ball to Francesco Redaelli. A.D. of Ondulor who explained: «we have a long-term relationship with New Aerodinamica with mutual satisfaction so the decision to contact them for this new intervention was immediate. With the team, we discussed our problem and together we developed the best solution to carry out the intervention, solving both logistics and pre-installation intervention problems». Francesco had a final overall positive feedback, and added: «With the new plant we have definitively solved the problem of ineffectiveness and under-sizing of the previous extraction and dust collection plant, obtaining positive results. We can say that we collaborate with a New Aero Dynamic».