New life at Freiria


A rebirth and relaunch for Freiria, the historical brand in the paper industry with over 90 years experience.

When in 1927 Commendator Mario Freiria created Freiria in Buriasco, he would have never imagined that in the following century the same machine would still exist, although, being a visionary and far-sighted entrepreneur, he surely would have hoped that in Italy, in Europe and in the world the machines produced many years ago could be still productive.

Freiria, a historical brand in the paper industry with over 90 years of experience, is active again after a difficult moment for the company. Its administrator Fernando Freiria sadly passed away. Though aged over 80, he continued to passionately pursue a profession and a brand that have been the protagonists of the paper world for many years.

The company has supplied machine parts and complete machines to different customers in different parts in the world in both the paper industry and the TNT sector.

In recent years, the company closed its manufacturing workshop, while maintaining the supply and construction of spare parts and new machine parts for established customers.

Unfortunately, following the events of 2018, after a few months of uncertainty the company was entrusted to a special administrator who dealt with the sale of the materials, and above all with the historical know-how, including the drawings of the supplies of last 60 years of the brand.


Following the auction, Cultrex acquired the brand and everything that is necessary to continue and revamp and revive this important name, as well as to support the paper mills which still play a major role in the manufacturing of the Freira branded machines.

The administrator of Cultrex is reportedly preparing a campaign to relaunch the registered brand by contacting all long-standing historical customers to remind them of the possibility to be support them again with spare parts and technologies.

The historical paper archive of over 200 square meters features more than 20,000 drawings that have been already digitally scanned. This enables us to start from a simple serial number or year of construction to identify the package of drawings needed to reproduce any type of spare parts.

In addition, Cultrex is able to provide maintenance and repairs of both
old and new machines based on the technologies acquired, which have been upgraded thanks to the application of cutting-edge technologies and the experience matured so far.

The hope is to have the possibility to see Freiria branded machinery again on both national and international markets. Cultrex is a new company comprising people with several years of experience in the paper industry. Our company policy consists in relaunching the Freiria brand, as well as to assess the new applications made possible thanks to innovative technologies. The latter can be adapted to the paper world and serve as perfect representations of high-tech products featuring studies of application and turn-key installations.