New premium polyurethane roll cover for film presses


With SupremeFilm, Voith is enhancing its product range for film presses with a new high-performance roll cover made from polyurethane (PU).

To positively influence paper characteristics like printability, coating and starch are applied to the paper in the coating and sizing section using applicator units. Voith’s new SupremeFilm roll cover works well in the Voith Speed Sizer AT, and is also suitable for challenging applications in film presses produced by other manufacturers.

SupremeFilm is characterized by an extremely homogeneous and constant film transfer. Beyond that, it retains its surface roughness over its entire service life thanks to Voith’s innovative filler material concept. This ensures ideal application for paper grades with high quality specifications. Moreover, the PU material is highly abrasion-resistant, which results in longer grinding intervals and consistent profile 2-sigma values.