New rules from Brussels


The European Union is completing its final passage towards approval of new legislation regarding waste, raising the environmental standards bar. A process is beginning which will lead to the reduction of landfill and introduce new recycling objectives. In 2035 the use of landfill in countries in the EU must not exceed 10% of urban waste. 55% of this must be recycled by 2025, with the percentage rising to 65% in 2035.

The requirement for differentiated waste collection – which today covers paper, plastic, metal and glass – will be extended to dangerous domestic waste (paint) by 2022, to organic waste (so-called wet) by 2023 and to textiles by 2025. Specific recycling objectives are envisaged for packaging: by 2030, 55% of plastic packaging must be recycled, 75% of glass packaging, 85% paper and cardboard, 60% aluminium, 80% ferrous metals, 30% wood (Source: Assografici).