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The new XcelLine TM10 tissue machine by Voith was successfully started up in a new record time


Customer: Lee & Man TM9 in Jiangxi

Production: tissue

Supplier: Voith

Start-up: June 2017

Design speed: 2,000 m/min

Width at reel: 5,600 mm

Production rate: the mill will produce 60,000 tons of household tissue annually from virgin fiber

Characteristics: the new XcelLine TM10 tissue machine was successfully started up in a new record time. The scope of supply includes the BlueLine stock preparation, approach flow system, broke handling, a white water system and the tissue machine. It features the perfect combination of a NipcoFlex T shoe press to offer remarkable energy savings, a 5.5-meter steel Yankee dryer cylinder to enhance drying efficiency through optimized heat transfer, and a high-performance steam-heated hood to provide the required tissue quality with lower energy consumption. Moreover, the Voith automation package with DCS, MCS and QCS also formed an integral part of the order.