Packaging supports brand requirements


Icma’s “Tailor Made” idea of bespoke tailoring becomes a reality for packaging designs, both for niche and bulk markets.

Presented at the most important exhibitions for luxury packaging like Independent Paper Show in Geneva, Packaging Première in Milan and in October also at LuxePack Monaco, the Tailor Made system makes possible various types of customisation of packaging and their coordinated elements.

The Tailor Made system works through 7 options which can be freely combined: the basis is the paper density (a wide choice of paper and cardboard, either virgin or recycled and FSC certified cellulose fibres, from 50 to 400 grams); the back (which can be processed and made adhesive, coloured like the front, or have its own specific finish and nuance); the colour (crucial role in the visual impact and in communicating the distinctive marks of a brand); the finish (matt, semi-glossy, glossy, soft touch, pearlescent, metallic, glittery, iridescent, satin finish, oxidised, fluorescent, fully or partially smooth, plain coloured, two colours or polychromatic, and also the smell); the texture (the recent Icma Textures/01 catalogue chooses 72 embossings out of the 250 available); the size (paper in reels, rolls, or sheets which can be quickly sorted and managed) and the quantity (because Icma meets the requirements of small as well as large markets.