Performance assessment for the development of the circular economy in Italy


This is the first REPORT of CEN drawn up with Enea: the Report was drafted by evaluating the performance in the macrosectors indicated in the Action Plan on the Circular Economy adopted by the EU – Communication COM(2015) 614 fin, i.e. production, consumption, waste, the market of secondary raw materials, innovation, investments and employment in the circular economy.

Performance was assessed by comparing the results obtained by Italy compared to the rest of the European Union, in particular to the other four largest economies in the continent: France, Germany, United Kingdom and Spain. Individual indicators were then weighed based on their importance, and these indicators were reduced to only one indicator, whose aim is to show the level of progress towards circularity of the economies in question. The report is, finally, completed by a critical analysis of this comparison, which also accounts for historical series, to understand if and where our economy slows down or grows towards circularity.