Policies and practices for transition


On 10th September 2019, the European Energy Agency (EAA) published its report on «Sustainability transitions: policy and practice», which identifies the political actions to meet environmental and climate problems in Europe and worldwide 

The new report identifies 10 key messages for policies:

1. Promoting experimentation with different forms of sustainable innovation and building transformative coalitions.

2. Stimulating the diffusion of the green niche of innovations.

3. Supporting the reconfiguration of the entire systems, gradually eliminating existing technologies and reducing negative consequences.

4. Exploiting and reinforcing the role of cities in their transition towards sustainability.

5. Reorienting financial flows towards sustainable and transformative innovations.

6. Promoting a clear guidance towards change through ambitious visions, objectives and mission.

7. Aligning policies between the various sectors to improve their consistency for transition.

8. Promoting consistent actions in the entire EU at the level of national, regional and local governance.

9. Monitoring unintentional risks and inconveniences and adjusting pathways to needs.

10. Developing knowledge and abilities for governance and transition practices.