Press sleeves to suit all requirements


With QualiFlex Crest and QualiFlex Crown, Voith has launched a new product portfolio for press sleeve that adapts to the specific paper grades and requirements of individual paper machines. QualiFlex Crest excels with its material properties and reliable performance – with regard to service life as well as to dewatering capacity. QualiFlex Crown goes one step further and achieves maximum performance in severe conditions.

The QualiFlex product range includes press sleeves for pulp, tissue, board, packaging and graphic paper grades. For each paper grade, customers can select from both product lines according to their operating needs.

The newly developed press sleeves play an important role in optimizing the press efficiency, as the material properties of Crest and Crown have been specifically customized to suit the requirements of each application. In addition, the broad range of void volume patterns contribute to better dewatering.

VP_QualiFlex_blew-crown_red-crest_mid 02