A prize to “Librottiglia”: a literary wine experience


Reverse Innovation wins its fifth prize for the creation of Librottiglia. This time it is the German Red Dot Communication Design Award 2016, one of the most renowned awards in the design sector.

Designed and implemented by the brand and product design agency together with the Matteo Correggia winery, the original proposal, that the tasting of excellent wines should be combined with the pleasure of reading, competed with participants from 46 nations.

The product relates the characteristics of three types of wine and three narrative genres, to give rise to a literary wine experience based on the perfect balance between sensory suggestions and the scenes visualised in the stories. A small, elegant book acts as the label for the bottles. The minimum graphic design, modern and surprising, is enhanced by an illustration which represents a significant element in each story.

Librottiglia interacts with a public which aspires to a product to be collected: lovers of wine and literature, those who are interested in immersing themselves in a complete experience within a short space of time which they can spend on themselves.

A product which has previously won the Brand Identity Grand Prix, The Dieline, Core 77 and One More Pack prizes.