Progroup invests in Italy


Progroup a German company specialising in the production of corrugated cardboard, already present in Italy with its plant in Piadena Drizzona (in the province of Cremona) launched in 2018, has decided to increase its presence in Italy by building a second sheet factory in Cessalto, in the province of Treviso. As part of its Two25 plan, Progroup plans to invest 90 million EUR to develop its presence in Italian corrugated board. The German corrugated paper (PPO) and sheet specialist will build a new factory that will create 65 jobs.

Located in the industrial area of Cessalto, this specialised plate unit is installed near the Ondulkart transformer. «Italy is the largest market for corrugated sheet metal in Europe, so it offers us promising prospects,» says Maximilian Heindl, Vice-President of the Board of Progroup. Progroup is also planning a second construction phase, in which a building adjacent to the packaging park will be added. Depending on the timing of the various administrative approvals, work is expected to begin in 2023 for an expected start-up in 2024. In 2021, Progroup had announced the construction of four new corrugated board plants in Europe, including one in Italy. There were already quite detailed plans to realise the project in Vimercate in northern Italy. Progroup now reports that this project is on hold. The other three new plants will be built in Poland, Germany and France and should be operational by 2024.

Progroup will therefore operate sixteen plate plants in Europe, including two in Italy with the Drizzona plant and three future investments in Poland, Germany and in Douvrin (Calais Pass) in France.