Pulp drying machine with energy-saving dryer section



Pilot machine in São Paulo: the vertical dryer section saves energy, space and costs

Voith now offers complete pulp drying machines, from headbox to the cross cutter and bale packing and thus is further expanding its technological leadership. What is new and unique is the vertical arrangement of the rolls in the dryer section. The case of the Brazilian pulp manufacturer Lwarcel Celulose in Lençóis Paulista demonstrates a further series of advantages with the vertical arrangement of the dryer section. Altogether, the vertical arrangement is substantially more space-saving. Lwarcel installed the vertical dryer section directly after its existing conventional dryer section – and with a running drying machine. In addition, the pulp manufacturer confirms that the vertical dryer section has an extremely practical side-effect when there is a Web break: the broke Web doesn’t build up between the rolls, but instead simply falls through the vertical arrangement. Cleaning takes only minutes rather than hours.