Efficiency and sustainability

Refurbishment of vacuum pumps


Even a single water ring vacuum pump impaired by corrosion and wear lowers the efficiency of the complete vacuum system and reduces operational reliability. Professional maintenance of vacuum pumps has a decisive influence on the operation and energy efficiency of the paper machine. As an alternative to buying a new pump, paper manufacturers can have their pumps comprehensively reconditioned at Voith’s 20 service centers worldwide. Voith also provides support with preventive measures to minimize the effects of wear and corrosion caused by long operating times. The preventive inspection is particularly recommended for vacuum pumps that have been in operation for more than 10 years in order to identify efficiency reductions at an early stage and repair them.

Fast and efficient refurbishment service

A remanufacturing service starts with a precise performance measurement on site, for which measuring points are installed once during a scheduled maintenance stop. Subsequently, the measurement takes place during ongoing operation. The vacuum level and air flow of each pump are measured to assess its mechanical operating condition. With the help of the efficiency and air flow measurements, it becomes apparent whether the operating point of the vacuum pump corresponds to its nominal performance. Based on the results, problems are identified and appropriate solution strategies are developed.

Worldwide Voith service workshops for fast and efficient refurbishment of vacuum pumps

In Voith’s workshop, the aggregates to be serviced, regardless of size, type, manufacturer and plant type, is then completely dismantled and inspected in a timely manner. In doing so, Voith technicians can draw on decades of experience in hundreds of projects as well as the support of the global competence team. Bearings, seals and other standard components are replaced as required. Voith also undertakes repairs of shafts and shaft sleeves. The experts can also repair brand-specific parts using 3D scanning and reverse engineering. In addition, Voith uses various processes and repair techniques, in particular the welding of rotor and housing parts. Once the required geometries have been restored, highly wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant coatings are applied. In addition, all rotating parts are balanced. Subsequently, experienced technicians assembly the serviced vacuum pumps under ideal conditions according to OEM specifications and check the result with renewed vacuum measurements. Depending on location and availability, customers can rent a Voith replacement pump for the duration of the repair work. Voith also offers attractive service contracts.

Voith’s remanufacturing offer is a manufacturer-independent service for machines of all types. Thus, not only vacuum pumps can be overhauled cost-efficiently, but also screw presses and disc filters. However, reconditioning is only a small part of the comprehensive maintenance service with which Voith supports customers. On request, there is also an upgrade service for the Voith CombiSorter CSM12/12B and CSM22/22B. In addition, there are many other customized services for optimizing processes or implementing individual, individually recommended measures to reduce energy consumption.