Renovation of machinery

Sappi: high investments for the Gratkorn site


The world leading producer of dissolving wood pulp, special papers and packaging papers, graphical printing paper and biomaterials Sappi, is consolidating its investments in its site in Gratkorn, in Austria.

After completing the update of the paper machine (PM) on 11th November 2014, the PM 9 will be updated in 2019 to the latest state of the art. The aim of the project is to implement a paper-making process capable of working with a reduced energy demand and thus a more sustainable environmental impact. Another desired effect of the update lies in the optimization of raw materials, aimed at reducing production costs. The project sees an overall investment of about 30 million Euros and is expected to be completed by the first half of 2019. The project will be carried out with Valmet, which also implemented the update of PM 11.

«Besides renovating major components on the paper machine», says the director of the Gratkorn plant Max Oberhumer, «the significant improvement of energy efficiency is yet another cornerstone of our efforts towards sustainable business».

«The approved investment consolidates the position of Sappi Europe in this product segment», explains Sappi Europe Vice-President of Manufacturing, R & D and Technology Steffen Wurdinger. The reliability of product quality and the competitiveness of the machine will be enhanced thanks to this project»