Schumacher Packaging has commissioned Voith to rebuild PM2 at its Myszków site in Poland


Customer: Schumacher Packaging

Production: Corrugated board

Supplier: Voith

Description: Schumacher Packaging, a corrugated board producer and full-range supplier of paper-based packaging solutions, has commissioned Voith to rebuild PM2 at its Myszków site in Poland. After the rebuild, the line will double its production capacity of light weight containerboard from 500 to 1,000 tons per day. As part of the rebuild scope, Voith will upgrade the OCC stock preparation with technologies from the BlueLine portfolio, and the paper machine will be extensively modernized with state-of-the-art machine concepts and a new VariFlex NG high- performance winder. The full-line supplier Voith is placing a special focus on high availability, technological efficiency, process stability and sustainability with the lowest possible energy balance for the plant. In addition, Schumacher Packaging benefits from simple and safe operation of the machines, as well as the extensive technological knowledge of Voith experts. Another focus will be on minimizing the maintenance and servicing effort.

Details: In 2018, Voith supplied the customer with the BlueLine-OCC stock preparation system. Due to the high level of satisfaction, Schumacher Packaging now also commissioned Voith for the extension of the plant. The BlueLine machinery ensures minimal impact on the environment, optimal utilization of raw materials and maximum reliability through robust and proven products and processes. For example, the asymmetric, eccentric design of the IntensaPulper and the IntensaMaxx pulper cleaning system ensures a significant increase in production capacity and enables reliable and efficient pulping of the recovered paper. Energy consumption can be reduced by up to 25% compared to conventional LC (low- consistency) pulpers. While production costs can therefore be significantly reduced, the pulping quality remains consistently high with low fiber loss.

On the paper machine, the wire section will be rebuilt to a DuoFormer D and equipped with a new MasterJet Pro-F/B headbox and a DuoShake DG 800 to ensure the best possible quality in regards of profiles and paper strength. In addition, the press section will be renewed and equipped with Voith’s Tandem NipcoFlex technology, which significantly increases the dry content and capacity and reduces specific steam consumption. The fully automatic VariFlex winder uses proven technology and ensures stable winding quality at maximum speed thanks to an integrated drive control system and unique hydrodynamic vibration damping system.

Start up: The line is scheduled to start up again in mid-2023 after a short rebuild period.