Corrugated board

Schumacher Packaging takes over British Jaffabox


Jaffabox a family-managed manufacturer of packaging solutions from corrugated board, became part of the German Schumacher Packaging group, one of the biggest family-run packaging printers with an annual turnover of about 650 million euro. The Amyes family will continue to run Jaffabox, with Annette and Marc Amyes managing the company.  In this way, the English packaging manufacturer will secure a strong partner and continue to guarantee creative and cost-efficient packaging solutions for its customers in future.  What’s more, Jaffabox customers will now have access to the comprehensive product range and the European network of the international Schumacher Packaging Group.

With its headquarters in the Bavarian town of Ebersdorf bei Coburg in Germany, the Schumacher Packaging Group is a manufacturer of packaging solutions made from corrugated board and is managed by the Schumacher family. Currently employing around 3500 staff members, it has been one of the productivity and technology leaders in the European packaging industry for many years.

«We want to able to guarantee continuity for our customers», emphasises John Amyes, the other Jaffabox. «The best way to achieve that is to be part of a strong group of companies that is active internationally». Joining the Schumacher Packaging Group is a logical strategic step for both sides, not least because the two companies have much in common. Björn Schumacher, Managing Director of Schumacher Packaging, comments: «Both companies are owner-managed, we both have a successful company history spanning more than 70 years and are both led by a set of two brothers. Our corporate cultures complement each other perfectly».

The inclusion of Jaffabox in the Schumacher Packaging group of companies makes it possible to serve customers with international operations even better. «More and more companies are active on an international scale and have sites across Europe», explains Sales Director at Jaffabox. «And naturally, they prefer working with a select few suppliers serving all regions – ideally at a constant quality and price level – instead of having to choose a separate supplier for each country. That is the exact requirement the Schumacher Packaging Group aims to fulfil».

Björn Schumacher explains: «The primary aim of our expansion is not to gain market shares. What we really want to achieve is to offer existing customers even more products and services and fulfil our promise of being a full-service provider as best we can».

Schumacher Packaging states that this acquisition will guarantee the company a strategic position in Europe and bring logistic advantages for international customers based in the United Kingdom. With Jaffabox, Schumacher Packaging will offer them a local contact, which might be particularly important against the backdrop of Brexit.