September 2018

September 2018 – Table of contents


Editorial 6

The recycler is the paper industry

Massimo Medugno, DG Assocarta

Enterprises&Markets 8

Margherita Baroni   

CO2 Market 14

Bernadett Papp, Sendeco2       

Installations&Startings 16

Chiara Italia              


Italy: technologies and prospects for the recycling of plastics from pulper waste

Chiara Italia

The paper mills of the future – available today26

IIoT – Industrial Internet of Things

Raffaella Quadri

It’s Tissue: an opportunity for launches28

The Italian Technology Experience

Raffaella Quadri

Conquering Europe  34

Ecol Studio Consulting AB in Sweden

Margherita Baroni

Exploring the play between surface and space36

Protagonists – Zoe Keramea

Chiara Italia

News      40

Chiara Italia