Spreader roll

Significantly longer service intervals with Voith EvoStretch


Voith EvoStretch roll

With the EvoStretch spreader roll, Voith has launched a new model at the start of the year that offers significantly longer service intervals than standard spreader rolls. The newly developed EvoStretch high-performance bearings feature one or two ceramic balls as well as the usual steel balls, giving each bearing a special self-repairing effect. The ceramic balls remove contaminants, smooth the contact surfaces and thus have an integrated polishing function. This self-healing effect, proven in close cooperation with a well-known ball bearing manufacturer, clearly slows bearing wear and substantially reduces servicing costs.

The StretchUp Service from Voith is the roll service tailored to spreader rolls. As part of the StretchUp Service, it is now possible to upgrade spreader rolls of all manufacturers to use the EvoStretch bearings.