Södra, in excellent shape, gives a high dividend


The General Assembly of Södra has approved a record dividend of 1,795 million Swedish Kroner for the members and Lena Ek has been re-elected President of the Board of Directors.

The proposal of distribution of profits proposed by the Board of Directors was adopted by the General Assembly on 23 May last at Gummifabriken in Värnamo, in Sweden. The distribution of profits of 1,795 million Swedish Kroner corresponds to 41% of the profit before tax. The operating profit in 2018 was 4,508 million Swedish Kroner.

The distribution of profits includes a 10% dividend on wood deliveries, a dividend of 10% on injected capital and a bonus issue of 60%.

«We are now in a good position, with well-managed plants which guarantee stable, high quality volumes» comments Lena Ek, president of Södra. «This has also enabled us to meet the high global demand for our products in 2018. It has also been particularly satisfying to achieve a record result in the same year in which we celebrated our 80th anniversary».

The General Assembly has, in addition, elected Mats Sandgren as a new member of the Board of Directors. The number of elected members of the Board of Directors is nine, all elected for a year.