Sustainable packaging

Stora Enso cooperates with Sulapac against plastic


Stora Enso and Sulapac have signed a joint development agreement to combat the problem of plastic waste, speeding up the use of fully renewable, recyclable and biodegradable materials for packaging.

Through this agreement, Stora Enso will have the licence for Sulapac’s materials and technology and will start the development of completely renewable stoppers and closings for liquid packs. Other areas for joint development work include food packets and consumer electronics packets.

“In Stora Enso we believe that everything that is made with fossil materials today can be made from a tree tomorrow. Our future growth derives from innovations in renewable materials”, states Annica Bresky, EVP Consumer Board of Stora Enso. “With our partners, like Sulapac, we are steering these innovations in order to create the packaging of the future”.

“The world needs biodegradable material solutions one hundred per cent”, states Suvi Haimi, CEO of Sulapac. “Sulapac material has all the advantages of plastic but is completely biodegradable without the problems of microplastic. With Stora Enso’s global experience we can really accelerate the global launch of our Sulapac material”. The collaboration between the companies started in 2017, through Stora Enso’s Accelerator programme, which planned the collaboration with Aalto University and the start-up to design and innovate with renewable products. Stora Enso is the first customer to use the licences for Sulapac’s materials and technology.

Sulapac’s is a completely biodegradable material with no microplastic, made from renewable and sustainable raw materials.