Paper Industry World - November 2013

Summary November 2013



Stars and stripes promotional campaign

Massimo Medugno, 6

News from Europe

When recovered paper ceases to be waste?

Paola Capellini, 8

News from the world

CI, 10


Towards Green Economy: Icfpa 2013 report

Chiara Italia, 14

Environmental legislation: What you have always wanted to know…

Timber Regulation

Chiara Italia, 18

Raw materials. EUTR. The implementation of the Regulation. Interview to International Paper.

Minimising the risk

Sergio Ferraris, 22

Research & technology.

Ultrasonic system: Innovation in paper and paperboard production processes: present and (potential) future

Paolo Carmenati, 24

Packaging & Research

Paper as the Lotus: Improvement of mechanical and chemical characteristics thanks to surface coating

Elisa Brunelli, 30


Cross-border consulting: Ecol Studio skills and experiences to assist paper mills throughout Europe

Federico Reguzzi, 34

Raw Material

New markets for the pulp and paper industry: Surface Modification of Nanofibrillated Cellulose

Simon Utsel, 36


CI, 40

Events for your professional update

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