Syassky PPM expands its business in the fold sector


In Russia, the demand for innovative, high-quality tissue products, including disposable items following the pandemic, has increased significantly in recent years. For this reason, Syassky PPM www.en.syas.ru, one of the most important paper mills in Russia, already active in the Roll sector, has decided to expand its product portfolio by relying on Körber Business Area Tissue’s Fold division www.koerber-tissue.com.

Dmitry Epifanov, Syassky PPM’ Development director, comments: «Syassky PPM has been a company with strong pioneering DNA since its foundation in 1928.  «Despite the strong instability of the markets, we have decided to expand our business in a new sector for us, such as that of interfolded products. This is why we have decided to rely on Körber, a unique, strong and reliable partner, with a complete range of advanced solutions and a global presence».

Syassky PPM has identified the MTC ITF Towel, Automatic interfolding line for the production of V-folded Hand Towels, as the best solution for its market needs.

«It is not just a purchase of new equipment for us» comments Irina Mozhaeva, Syassky PPM’s chairman of the Board of directors. «This is a strategic investment in the development of our production. We plan to expand our presence in the Away from home market, an important part of which are folded products. Our main task is to offer the market the best quality products. I am confident that MTC line will provide us with such an opportunity».

The ITF series interfolders make use of the most advanced electronic and mechanical technologies to always guarantee the quality of the finished product in every converting context, combined with high production capacity, reliability, and high efficiency.

These folding machines were conceived to be tailor-made for the customer, with high levels of customization. In fact, customers can choose the size of the final product as well as various other options.

Syassky PPM represented a further challenge for Körber. The current epidemiological situation linked to the COVID-19 pandemic risked slowing down the installation of the line, and the delay could have cost Syassky PPM precious business opportunities.

In the words of Maurizio Rossi, CS sales account &senior customer service engineer at Körber Business Area Tissue, «the resources deployed by Kӧrber and the synergies that were created with Syassky PPM proved to be the key to overcoming the problems derived from COVID-19 restrictions. We accepted the challenge of lockdown, and it encouraged us to develop tools and devices to be able to provide technical assistance and completely support our customers even remotely, thus confirming our position as an innovative player».

This year Körber introduced the Remote StartUP Teleassistance Team which, thanks to customized video applications, remote diagnostics, and detailed assembly and start-up instructions, was able to perform not only the Final Acceptance Tests (FAT) remotely with live streaming, but also more complex interventions and processes such as machinery installation, commissioning, and production start-up.

The close collaboration between Syassky PPM’s mechanical and electrical engineering team and that of the Körber XpertTechnicians made it possible to install the line on schedule, just like usual installations with Körber technicians in attendance.

Founded in 1928 with the sole purpose of covering the needs of the domestic market, in recent years Syassky PPM has undertaken a huge investment process with the result that it is able to meet the growing demand for both domestic and export markets.