UPM starts commissioning phase at pulp mill in Uruguay


UPM has received approval from the Uruguayan environmental authorities for the commissioning plan for its new pulp mill in Paso de los Toros, Uruguay.

The testing phase for pulp production equipment at the new plant can now begin. Start of pulp production is scheduled for the end of the first quarter next year. UPM’s new eucalyptus pulp mill will have a capacity of 2.1 million tpy. Related processes, including mechanical, hydraulic and efficiency testing, as well as the appropriate adjustment of various production equipment, will be carried out during 2022 and up to the start-up of the mill. During this phase, many areas of the pulp mill will undergo a thorough review of their components and operational requirements, and preparation for full operation will take place. This includes, among others, the woodyard, chipping, fibre line, pulp drying, evaporation, recovery boiler and biomass boiler, as well as water treatment and waste water treatment.

The new pulp mill is to increase UPM’s pulp capacity by more than 50 per cent. Today the company has four pulp mills (Fray Bentos, Kaukas, Kymi and Pietarsaari) with a combined output capacity of 3.7 million tpy.

The company says it has also made a 280 million $ investment into the construction of a new port terminal in Montevideo, which will have the capacity to handle around 2 million tonnes of pulp annually. From there eucalyptus pulp from the mill will be shipped to customers around the world. When the mill will be running, Uruguay will be the world’s number 5 producer of pulp, with pulp becoming the country’s number 1 export product.