Valmet extends fiber image analysis to automatic pulp quality prediction


Valmet has launched a new additional option for both new and existing users of the Valmet Fiber Image Analyzer. The new option, called Option C, makes it easier for pulp and paper mills to unlock the true potential value of their raw material by calculating and displaying correlations between measured fiber properties and their effect on end product quality.

A variety of pulp quality parameters, including tensile, burst, tear, short span compression (SCT), porosity or softness, can be predicted by the analyzer with results fully customizable. Additional communication protocols now allow easier integration with mill systems to provide operators with faster access to the effects of furnish and process changes. This provides optimum use of raw materials together with improved product quality.

The Valmet Fiber Image Analyzer is intended for routine pulp and paper mill laboratory use as well as laboratory research. It offers a comprehensive set of automated fiber measurements for virgin, recycled and synthetic fibers as well as numerous other fibers such as cotton, hemp, jute, flax, and tobacco. The Option C includes Windows based Valmet Data Modeler software, models integration in the analyzer as well as data communication capabilities.