Valmet and Södra Cell sign mill-wide Learning Agreement


Valmet and Södra Cell have signed a three-year agreement for Web-based training via the Valmet Online Learning portal. Valmet will provide online courses for all main mill processes to about 600 employees at all three Södra mills in Sweden; Värö, Mörrum, and Mönsterås.

Valmet Online Learning is part of the company’s recently launched customer training offering – Valmet Learning Services. The renewed offering is designed to help improve the reliability and performance of the customers’ processes.

Previously, Södra has purchased Valmet’s online training as part of the Värö mill expansion project. Based on training results and positive feedback from the trainees, Södra is now extending the agreement to all three mills over a period of three years.

Valmet Online Learning is a fully-featured Learning Management System (LMS), offering individual and group level reporting and a diversity of collaboration features, available from computers and mobile devices. It provides 24/7 access to a large online course library for operators, maintenance staff, and other personnel in the pulp, paper, energy, and other process industries. Assessments, evaluations, and certificates are integrated in the portal and can be easily customized.