Voith recently reached a deal with Copamex of Monterrey, México


Customer: Copamex

Production: Testliner and corrugated medium.

Location: Monterrey in Anáhuac (Mexico).

Supplier: Voith 

Description: Voith recently reached a deal with Copamex of Monterrey, México, for the installation of a BlueLine stock preparation system at their mill in Anáhuac, which is being converted to drive Copamex’s growth into the containerboard and packaging markets in México. Previously, Copamex focused on printing and writing grade paper, but the new BlueLine stock preparation system from Voith is a key step in their expansion plans. The system will utilize a variety of raw material including Old Corrugated Containers (OCC) and mixed waste.

Designed production rate: 260,000 metric tons of testliner and corrugated medium per year.

Details: As the a full-line supplier, Voith and Meri will be providing Copamex with all of the elements of the stock preparation system, including reliable material handling with automatic wire cutting, reject compactors, sludge handling, water clarification and effluent treatment. Realizing the project different steps have been taken to limit energy and water consumption, as well as making waste management improvements.

Start up: Starts up in early 2019.