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What does “green good” mean?


The untapped potential of recycled cardboard

Environment&Sustainability: Innovative solutions come from research.
Business reinforcement

Capital increase and Chinese stakeholders for PMT Italia

«In Italy energy costs are an incentive to efficiency which pushes companies to make changes with significant sustainable features,» Franco Pasquini, engineering director of Lucart Group.
Overview on Energy

A goal of energy efficiency

Custom-made cogeneration, specifically designed with integrated eco recovery.
Food Packaging

Bio-Board: from whey proteins

A biodegradable barrier from Italian researchers.
«With the Energy Union Europe supports the integration of the energy policy with the other EU policies, in order to strengthen the economy and competitiveness of the Member Countries», Samuele Furfari, Deputy Director-General at the Directorate-General for Energy – European Commission.
Overview on Energy

The Energy Union: the five points of the Union’s policy

Published on 25th February 2015, the European file dedicated to the EU’s energy policy is the starting point for current and future decisions of the Union in relation to energy in all its forms. Energy efficiency is one of the cornerstones of this policy.
Special papers and security papers

Sequana rationalises its activities