March 2016
«The project is a good starting point for training in the paper sector in Europe to be organised as a single system», explains Paolo Zaninelli, Paolo Zaninelli, teaching manager of training activities for the paper sector at the Salesian Institute of San Zeno (Verona, Italy).


Training Europe’s technicians

“Our common objective lies in the training of expert technicians who can travel all over Europe with their skills recognized anywhere.” The mid-term meeting of the project that sees European countries working on…


How knowledge sharing could boost the paper and printing industry

Inaugurated in Stockholm, Sweden, late last year, the new Stora Enso Innovation Centre for Biomaterials will support the company in identifying new business opportunities and facilitate partnership agreements with other nearby facilities, so…

Sandro Galli, Sales and Marketing Manager for Sadas S.r.l.

Made in Italy

Automation in paper machines: «turn-key» installations in the world

A young but extremely dynamic Tuscan enterprise has succeeded in emerging on international markets with full-circle electrification and automation solutions. by Vittorio Pesce «Our company is young when it comes to the official…


Financing for innovative SMEs within the framework of Horizon 2020

Within the framework of the programme for the financing of research and innovation of the European Union Horizon 2020, the SME Instrument is a specific financing measure targeted to small and medium-sized enterprises,…

Made in Italy

Creativity in 3D format

Mauro Seresini: strength of expression and dynamic power

A Milanese artist narrating his personal form of art creation using iconic language and giving life to real and fantastic zoomorphic sculptures. Forty years old, grown up in Milan hinterland in a family…

Installations&Startings | Italy

Lucart progresses with an investment on its PM4 at Porcari facility

The Italian tissue producer Lucart has started-up its PM4 tissue machine in Porcari (Lucca, Italia) after the rebuild committed to Toscotec. The upgrade included a modification of the forming section and the complete…


The new European list of corrugated base papers

A document for producers and users of corrugated base papers.

The new European list of corrugated base papers, updated by CCB Cepi ContainerBoard (European list of corrugated base papers) has been published. This is the result of a 23-year-long experience and improvements linked…

Installations&Startings | Mexico

A reborn papermaking line for Smurfit Kappa Mexico Mill

PMP has signed a contract with Smurfit Kappa Mexico for a Phoenix Concept rebuild of a reborn papermaking line that will be installed in Los Reyes mill. The main goal of the project…

The Andromeda concept at FuturaLab following It’s Tissue 2015.

Installations&Startings | Canada

High performance tissue converting technology for Resolute

Futura has announced that its Andromeda Concept high performance tissue converting technology is to be delivered to Resolute Forest Products ready for the expected start of tissue production in the first quarter of…

Co2 market

2015 balance and 2016 prospects

Start of a single carbon market between the United States and China.

In 2015 the CO2 volumes exchanged at a global level went down by 19%, i.e. 6.2 billion tons less compared to 2014. On the other hand, the overall market value has grown by…

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