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A reborn papermaking line for Smurfit Kappa Mexico Mill


PMP has signed a contract with Smurfit Kappa Mexico for a Phoenix Concept rebuild of a reborn papermaking line that will be installed in Los Reyes mill. The main goal of the project is to boost the mill’s capacity by adding approximately 100,000 metric tpy of high-strength corrugating medium (100% OCC) to be converted into packaging boxes for various industrial use.

A new PM 6 (operating speed 800 m/min, reel trim 2,450 mm) will be a blend of repurposed and refurbished assets (originally installed on PMs in Spain and Germany) and world class new technological items provided by PMP.

PMP is planning to reconfigure the existing, relocated PM from Spain, originally producing 70,000 metric tpy of 130 gsm corrugating medium and liner at 550 m/min in three steps. Step one will involve careful analysis of the existing assets’ condition (identifying items for refurbishment and further incorporation in a brand new line), and step two will involve designing and making core technological sections and finally successfully integrating all of these to attain both the quality and capacity goals of the project.

The delivery is scheduled for late spring 2016, followed by erection at the site by the end of 2016. Start up is scheduled for the first quarter of 2017.