July 2016

Art&Culture | Protagonists from Russia

The unexpected movements of paper

Thirty-three years old, born in Moscow, two diplomas, one in languages and the other one obtained at the British High School of Art and Design in Moscow. Marina Adamova uses paper to create…

CEO Diogo Da Silveira .

Paper Industry World interviews

Pulp. But no fiction. The (new) Navigator Company

Formerly known as Portucel Soporcel, The Navigator Company is a paper producer based in Europe and last year posted revenue of 1.6 billion euro, with a 5.6% growth over 2014. By recently acquiring…

Spotlight | Do you speak Russian?

Russia: Business opportunities for Western companies

Due to the general economic trend and political stances, the Russian market has slowed down, yet it still appears to have high growth margins and be attractive for the paper sector. Businesses only…

Co2 market

Summer provides for new possibilities. The Korean Government’s domestic and foreign policy

With stability characterizing the end of May, prospects of rising prices for emission permits are expected in June: the market trend is once again on the rise, also thanks to the boost given…

Book review: Pulp and Paper Industry & Chemicals

A growing market, driven by emerging countries

A recent e-book published turns the spotlight on the market of chemical products used in the pulp and paper industry, assuming its global volumes could have reached the amount of 58 million tons…

Energy savings

New rubber roll covers for film and sizing presses

The market launch of Voith‘s UniFilm and UniSize, two rubber roll covers for film and size presses, is the start of a new product series. The wish to offer economic benefits to papermakers…

Made in Italy

Azmec: from pumps to soundproof groups

Competence and experience made in over half a century of activity allow Azmec to act as a qualified partner for the design and production of liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors, standing out…


Looking for harmonization: specific regulation for the paper and cardboard sector

Cepi makes the voice of paper heard in Europe. Work has been going on for two years to harmonise legislation on papers and cardboard in contact with food.  The objective is to define…


G7 Countries can do more to use less natural resources

The «Policy Guidance on Resource Efficiency» report urges Governments to adopt stronger policies aimed at improving the use of resources, the safety of supplies and market competitiveness, as well as reducing related impacts…

Fibre characteristics image obtained from Valmet FS5.

Measuring instruments

Valmet adds new capabilities to the fibre image analyzer

Launched in 2013, more than sixty Valmet FS5 analysers are now in use, continuing the company’s 30 year fibre analytic history with more than 1,000 fibre property measurements delivered. Fully meeting the ISO…

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