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The unexpected movements of paper

Innovations of a material, which is as old as the world

A special type of paper that is capable of storing a...

Made in Italy

Creativity in 3D format

Mauro Seresini: strength of expression and dynamic power
An Italian artist living and working in Manchester: Paola Bazz.
Art & Culture

Protagonists: Paola Bazz and 3D-paper

Kataphraktos by Kamila Karst, the winner of the exhibition (Photograph by Guido Mencari).
Art & Culture

Cartasia: paper at the service of art

It is an International Festival, an artistic and cultural project, with environmental objectives, aimed at uniting art and one of the main industries of Tuscany: paper.
Italian artists

An interview with Francesca Carallo

A professional of papier-mache.
A survey in the July issue of Paper Industry World

«No Paper Without Skilled, Healthy and Safe People»