Stenman completed the house in just two years and lived there until 1930. Almost 90 years, the top layers on the walls are slowly starting to peel off, showing fragments of articles and advertising from the past, which visitors enjoy reading.

The Paper House

A real house made of paper

Although it might sound like a fairy tale, we are not talking about Hänsel and Gretel, but about a mechanical engineer, Elis F. Stenman, who in the early 20th century started work on…

Happy birthday Roald Dahl!

Roald Dahl creations brought to life in life-size paper reconstruction to mark 100 years since writer’s birth. A project created at Birmingham City University’s Design for Theatre, Performance and Events course in the…

Paper as a trendsetter

Certified high quality: Colorplan and its endless possibilities

Fifty colours inspiring creativity, eight coat weights from 100 to 700 grams, twenty-five embossings, also available for small orders and on-demand customization for specific colours, sizes and coat weights. This paper is particularly…


White Cashmere Collection: when Paper meets solidarity

A vision of the future with no breast cancer, also thanks to paper: the White Cashmere Collection is known as a unique initiative in the world that displays works of art by famous…


Protagonists: Giorgio Caporaso, the Italian designer who started a new way of designing

Aesthetics, function, emotion and attention. Giorgio Caporaso talks of his cardboard furniture as the expression of a broad concept of sustainability: created with natural materials, which can be assembled, repaired, recycled and changed,…

A prize to “Librottiglia”: a literary wine experience

Reverse Innovation wins its fifth prize for the creation of Librottiglia. This time it is the German Red Dot Communication Design Award 2016, one of the most renowned awards in the design sector….

Art&Culture | Protagonists from Russia

The unexpected movements of paper

Thirty-three years old, born in Moscow, two diplomas, one in languages and the other one obtained at the British High School of Art and Design in Moscow. Marina Adamova uses paper to create…

Innovations of a material, which is as old as the world

A special type of paper that is capable of storing a very large quantity of energy

Researchers from Linköping University (Sweden) have developed the paper of the future. by eng. Vittorio Pesce As is known, in the next few decades increasingly marked population growth and growing industrial activities will require…

Susan Wilson, Luxury Packaging Director from James Cropper.


The strong connection with fashion design: interview with Susan Wilson

James Cropper, British master papermaker, teamed up with influential fashion designer Edeline Lee to deliver the paper for the set of her Autumn-Winter 2016 show at London Fashion Week. The show took place…

«The project is a good starting point for training in the paper sector in Europe to be organised as a single system», explains Paolo Zaninelli, Paolo Zaninelli, teaching manager of training activities for the paper sector at the Salesian Institute of San Zeno (Verona, Italy).


Training Europe’s technicians

“Our common objective lies in the training of expert technicians who can travel all over Europe with their skills recognized anywhere.” The mid-term meeting of the project that sees European countries working on…

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