2015 as the warmest year ever registered on the earth


According to Noaa and Nasa, 2015 was the hottest year on record at a global level. The Global Summary Information – December 2015 released by Noaa explicitly states that «2015 was the hottest year recorded on the earth, with the widest margin ever registered» and that the past year has already laid the foundations for 2016 to beat this record. Earth and oceans’ surface temperatures have namely been the highest since 1880, i.e. since the moment when global data has been available. In December 2015 the average earth and oceans’ temperatures were the highest registered of the last 136 years.

2015 data has finally accepted the theory of the so-called global warming pause: climate experts of the Nasa and Columbia University have explained that «the new global temperature record has clearly shown that a global warming pause has never existed» and Berkeley Earth scientific director Richard Muller stated that «2015 has confirmed our previous assumption that global warming has not slowed down».