Corrugated board

The Palm Group aims at taking over Roba Corrugated


The German Palm Group is ready to take over the activities related to the production of corrugated board of Roba Group at the Zorbau plant, near Leipzig, Eastern Germany. On 9th February last, the Palm Group notified the German Competition Authority its intention to acquire the control of Roba Corrugated, which is part of the Roba Group based in Switzerland. The group manages two plants, one in Germany and one in Austria. According to the Germans of the Plam Group, Roba Group will gradually focus on offset printed packaging, while Palm is trying to expand its activity on the corrugated cardboard sector. The two companies are currently carrying out “exclusive and promising” negotiations and have given prior notification to the competition authority. The Palm Group is trying to support the growth of its corrugated cardboard business in Italy, as well. The company is currently bidding to acquire Ondulati Giusti, a Tuscan producer of perforated corrugated base paper, which is currently managed by the Italian Pro-Gest Group.