PMP will supply Intelli-Jet V hydraulic headbox and Intelli-Sizer puddle size press


Customer: JSC Mayak 

Location: Penza, Russia

Production: Fluting, testliner made of 100% OCC

Supplier: PMP 

Description: PMP will supply Intelli-Jet V hydraulic headbox and Intelli-Sizer puddle size press.

Details: The investment on PM2 rebuild will allow JSC Mayak to produce high performance products that will be converted into packaging boxes for various industrial use. At the same time the investment will rise company’s competitiveness at Russian P&P Market to a higher level.

The main goal of the project is to bring the new quality of production process and final product. A new PM2 will perform at the operating speed of 450 m/min with the reel trim of 2900 mm.

PMP will deliver a state-of the-art, 4 channel Intelli-Jet V hydraulic headbox will bring excellent formation and production flexibility (basis weight range of 80-220 gsm). PMP’s Intelli-Jet V hydraulic headbox technology has become an iconic solution in the Pulp & Paper industry.

PMP’s scope of supply also includes Intelli-Sizer puddle size press, with maximum nip pressure of 60 kN/m, to improve sheet quality and increase web tensile strength. Intelli-Sizer will be equipped with air-turn system, which will significantly improve PM’s runnability. In addition, PMP will cover erection supervision, start-up and commissioning assistance, as well as operation and maintenance trainings.

Start up: The delivery, installation, and start-up for both items are scheduled for the 1st quarter of 2019.