Valmet will supply an off-line multinip calender


Customer: UPM 

Location: UPM Nordland Papier at its Dörpen Mill

Producion: Labelling and packaging materials to global markets and fine papers to Asian markets

Supplier: Valmet 

Description: Valmet will supply an off-line multinip calender. The new off-line calender including Valmet’s machine control system will be designed to give the final high quality for the demanding release and glassine paper grades after the grade conversion rebuild.

Details: Valmet’s delivery for the new high-capacity off-line calender will include a calender unwind, an OptiCalender Multinip calender, OptiDry air dryers and a wind-up station. Off-line calender will be equipped with Valmet DNA machine control system.

The multinip calender has 14 nips providing superior quality for the end product. Calendering is effective already in the first nips. Each nip is loaded with the same extreme nip load at high temperatures giving the end product low surface roughness, low oil absorption and high transparency.

The approximately 4,500-mm wide off-machine calender will produce release paper grades with a basis weight range of 48-120 g/m2. The design speed of the machine will be 1,300 m/min.

Start-up: The start-up of the machine is scheduled for the end of 2019.