A new forest responsibility programme and biodiversity initiatives


UPM has published a new Forest Action Programme, which will run until 2030. The global programme steers UPM’s global wood sourcing operations and covers its own forests in Finland and the United States as well as its plantations in Uruguay. The programme goes beyond current standard requirements and its measures have a positive impact on the fundamental aspects of sustainable forestry: climate, biodiversity, soil, water and societal contribution.

The programme also includes new co-operation projects such as developing nesting territories for large birds of prey, including the endangered buzzard (Pernis apivorus) and honey buzzard (Buteo buteo) with the Finnish Osprey Foundation. The population of these species has been declining, and with the project we aim to promote the coexistence of forestry and breeding territories and support population recovery.

These actions will also reduce emissions from forestry, maintain forests as carbon sinks and adapt forests to climate change. For example, we have measured the carbon balance of Uruguay’s plantations in co-operation with the Natural Resources Institute of Finland. In Finland, we have calculated the climate emissions from wood procurement operations to monitor the progress. We are developing forest management methods to adapt forests to climate change. We are also committed to ensuring that our forests grow more than they are used everywhere we operate.