Valmet renewed its Sustainability 360º Agenda


As part of its continuous renewal and development, Valmet has renewed its Sustainability 360º Agenda, which has been the backbone for building the company’s acknowledged sustainability work over the years. The new agenda includes environmental, social and governance (ESG) perspectives to sustainability and covers Valmet’s entire value chain including the supply chain, own operations and the use phase of Valmet´s technologies.

Concrete targets and action plans for all the main material topics.

The renewed Sustainability360º Agenda is based on a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of the sustainability topics that are most material to Valmet’s business and stakeholders within the company’s value chain. All the main material topics have concrete targets and action plans integrated into the company’s annual planning process.

The main material topics are:

• Environmental

• Circularity

• Climate

• Environmental efficiency Social

• Engaged workplace

• Health and safety

• Corporate citizenship Governance

• Ethical business practices

• Sustainable supply chain

• Transparent reporting.