A started up at Wuhan Chenming’s mill


A new tissue line delivered by Valmet (previous Metso Pulp, Paper and Power) successfully came on stream at Wuhan Chenming Hanyang Paper Co. Ltd’s mill in Wuhan, China, in November 2013. This is the customer’s first tissue line. The new Advantage DCT 200HS tissue line started up ten days before the estimated time and is now producing high quality tissue at high speed. With a width of 5.6 m and an operating speed of 1,900 m/min, the new productionline will produce 60,000 tons a year of high-quality facial, toilet and towel grades. The raw material for the new line is virgin pulp.

«Demand for tissue is growing and advanced tissue production technologies are one of our strengths. In 2013, in total eight tissue machines supplied by us were started up. Valmet’s Advantage DCT technology has been very well received by our customers», says Jari Vähäpesola, President of Paper business Line.

The delivery comprised a complete productionline with stock preparation equipment and an Advantage DCT 200 HS tissue machine including an OptiFlo II TIS multi-layer headbox, a cast alloy Yankee cylinder, an Advantage AirCap hood, an Advantage WetDust dust management system and an Advantage SoftReel reel. The delivery also featured Valmet’s patented Advantage ViscoNip pressing technology. The productionline is optimized to enhance final product quality and save energy.

Wuhan Chenming Hanyang Paper Co. Ltd. is part of the Shandong Chenming Paper Group which is one of the leading paper manufacturer groups in China, with activities ranging from afforestation to pulp making and paper manufacturing. Chenming Paper Group has more than 10 production sites located all over China.

Valmet Advantage DCT 200HS tissue line.
Valmet Advantage DCT 200HS tissue line.