Flow meters

ABB: three devices in one to reduce costs


ABB has launched a new range of flow meters Vortex and SWIRL, aimed at replacing the previous Trio-Wirl line. Both types take advantage of exclusive technology for vortex measuring, offering great accuracy, maximum reliability and extreme ease of installation. The new instruments, furthermore, offer various innovations aimed at reducing operating costs and improving performance.

The new SwirlMaster is available in a standard (FSS430) or advanced version (FSS450). The exclusive vortex technology includes extremely reduced lengths for upstream and downstream pipe work, allowing for savings in installation costs and flow metering with extreme accuracy, even in limited spaces. The FSS450 model is characterised by the functions normally present in remote Flow Computers, such as the calculation of steam energy (with or without recovery from that which has been condensed) and the ability to receive signals relating to density, temperature and pressure from other transmitters through an analogue input from 4 to 20 mA.

For both types, the flow meters have a piezoelectric sensor with multiple elements, to record the signals measured and the vibrations of the pipe work so as to compensate for any disturbances. The configuration for both types of measurement is identical, so as to facilitate the commissioning and management of spare parts.