Ahlstrom has signed an agreement to divest Stenay plant to Accursia Capital


Ahlstrom has entered into an agreement to divest its Stenay plant in France to Accursia Capital following the announcement of Accursia Capital’s binding offer in July. The divestment was confirmed after receiving endorsement from the site’s employee representatives. The transaction is expected to be completed by the end of September.

Accursia Capital aims to develop the Stenay plant in order to guarantee its long-term future and, consequently, secure the jobs of its employees.

«We are delighted to announce this positive outcome for the future of our Stenay plant, its employees and the community of Stenay. This would not have been possible without the role of our team on site and the collaboration of all stakeholders. A new chapter in the plant’s history starts now with Accursia Capital» says Mark Ushpol, EVP, Food and Consumer Packaging division.

«This acquisition is part of a long-term investment strategy aimed at making Stenay a leading player in the highly competitive paper-based packaging market. We therefore look forward to developing the business of the Stenay site in collaboration with the employees» says Martin Scheiblegger, managing director of Accursia Capital.