Digital portfolio

“An important tool for the maintenance of the system”


Mondi Group benefits from efficient ordering processes via the integrated Voith Paper Webshop. Since it was launched in 2017, the number of users has risen continuously. Worldwide, more than 96 companies are already using the newly developed online tool from Voith’s digital portfolio. The Mondi Group, which has more than 100 production facilities in 30 countries worldwide, is now also relying on Voith’s simple, time-saving and cost-saving ordering processes.

In the past, Mondi purchasing staff had used electronic catalogues to order replacement parts, raw materials or office supplies. However Wolfgang Stramitzer, who headed the project in his capacity as Project Manager Procurement Excellence at Mondi, stresses that the webshop developed by Voith has little in common with the eProcurement processes previously used: «thanks to the wealth of extra services like 24/7 availability or order tracking, the webshop offers significantly more benefits. For me it is an outstanding model that further improves the efficiency of our Group». For example, order tracking allows Mondi to see exactly when an order will arrive. Necessary downtimes can be planned precisely and kept as short as possible. At the same time, the availability of the machine is increased.

For Markus Wenzl, Head of Procurement at the Mondi Neusiedler facility, the webshop is also an important tool for the maintenance of the system. «The webshop offers a high quality of data and simple and secure access to replacement parts».