For the water, waste water, waste management, and raw materials industries


Andritz presents some of their products and services portfolio for the water and waste water management process.

Environmentally friendly screens for water intake

The process described begins with the Andritz water intake screens. Used in many different applications such as drinking water and process water production, the abstraction area is a wedge wire screen with fine slots and made entirely of stainless steel. The open area of the screen is large enough for marine life to swim over it safely, thus complying with all American and European environmental requirements.

A highlight of the exhibits in this product segment is the model of an Andritz gravitary filter. This is the ideal economical alternative to plastic filter cartridge plants. Made of 100% stainless steel, the filter never becomes porous and is maintenance-free for its entire lifetime. This guarantees a smooth filtration process in the long term without expensive repairs or plant shut-downs. In addition, the support plate under the wedge wire screen area is made of a continuous perforated stainless steel plate, unlike other commercially available gravitary filters. This achieves perfect water filtration performance as well as even water and air distribution in backwashing phases.

One step ahead with efficient screening

One of the new products at the booth is the modular range of Andritz Aqua-Screen fine screens, which is a high-tech solution integrating all existing screen categories, toothing and a perforated plate system. With a capture rate of up to 85%, the new series provides optimum separation of suspended solids from the water inflow and thus enhances performance in the subsequent waste water treatment process. The modular concept yields various advantages for the customer, such as reduced maintenance times, fewer spare parts needed, and a user-friendly setting with improved access door and modular pop-out/pop-in design for the screen frame and panels. In addition, the Andritz product portfolio includes a protective device for the membrane bio-reactor (MBR) – the Andritz Aqua-Screen MBR fine screen. With a capture rate of up to 99%, it protects the system reliably against damage and system clogging by any form of fibrous material.

Most economical pumping process

In the pumps sector, Andritz presents the new, single-stage centrifugal pump from the ES05 series for the first time. This standard water pump features low energy consumption, which results in much lower operating costs. Available with the proven, closed Andritz impeller design, the pump achieves efficiencies of up to 88% and a flow rate of up to 743 m3/h at 50 Hz: the pump is the ideal solution for conveying clean water without any particles or solids for water supply, distribution to various industries and for the drinking water supply.

Best performance in sludge dewatering

As a global separation specialist, Andritz presents another new product: the Andritz decanter centrifuge from the DU series. Depending on the sludge quality and process conditions, this unit offers either a high solids dryness, high capacity, low polymer consumption, or low energy consumption. Our separation specialists will be at our booth to provide further insights and show visitors how they can profit to best advantage from this new generation of decanters.

From waste to clean energy

Andritz will provide an insight into thermal treatment of residual waste and how to use waste as fuel at booth 439 in hall A1. The Andritz fluidized bed boiler is suitable for thermal treatment of almost all types of fuel, such as RDF (refuse-derived fuel), pre-treated municipal solid waste (MSW) and industrial waste, sludge (e.g. paper sludge, municipal sewage sludge), scrap wood/demolition wood, typical biomass fuels like wood (e.g. wood chips, bark, forestry waste products and sawdust), energy crops, and agricultural waste.