Installations&starting. Sweden

Andritz to modernize two boiler plants

Capacity increase of up to 20%

Andritz received orders from Stora Enso Nymölla AG and Domsjö Fabriker AB, both in Sweden, to modernize a recovery boiler and a sulfite liquor boiler. The modernizations supplied by will raise the capacity of the two boiler plants by up to 20%. Both start-ups are scheduled for 2013.

Stora Enso’s recovery boiler in Nymölla went into operation in 1971. Andritz Energy & Environment (AE&E) will supply plate-type heat exchangers for preheating the combustion, and an economizer to preheat the feed water. This technical concept is designed to extend the life of the boiler and lower the maintenance requirements. In addition to the capacity increase, scheduled shutdowns can be reduced to a minimum.

The scope of supply for the modernization of Domsjö Fabriker’s sulfite liquor boiler # 9, which went into operation in 1962, includes replacement of the superheater and evaporator heating surfaces, as well as partial replacement of the front and rear walls of the boiler. A new AE&E design will improve the fouling behavior of the boiler and enhance efficiency by up to 20%. A very short installation period of 18 days is planned, ensuring the mill a very brief production stoppage.