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BaglessPlus filter discs now also suitable for use in GL&V Celleco CDI 5.0 disc filters


In future, operators of GL&V Celleco disc filters type CDI 5.0 will also be able to use Voith  BaglessPlusfilter discs. The BaglessPlus discs operate without filter bags. Because filter bags often tear during operation, the Voith technology reduces the number of unscheduled downtimes. Damaged bags also cause reduced dewatering efficiency, corresponding fiber losses and contamination of the filtrate. BaglessPlus discs, on the other hand, guarantee a consistently high quality of filtrate over the entire lifetime, so that it can be used at other sections of the paper machine. Thanks to the high filtrate quality, the fresh water requirement for the entire paper mill is therefore reduced. Another outstanding feature of the BaglessPlus product range is the lifetime of 15 years and more.

In December 2018, the first GL&V Celleco CDI 5.0 disc filter in Scandinavia was completely converted to BaglessPlus filter discs. The customer’s expectations have been confirmed in practice and the filtrate values are at the lowest level. Customers already appreciate the simple installation of the BaglessPlus discs using bottom flanges with side lugs. Voith’s filter discs are just as rigid as those previously used by the competitor. Tears in the filter bags are now a thing of the past and the filtrate quality is consistently high. Other customers in the USA have also ordered the BaglessPlus technology for their GL&V Celleco CDI 5.0 disc filters and these units are set to be commissioned soon.