Tissue converting

The sticking power of water for lamination


JOI Hydro-Bondis a new technology from Futura which, for the first time in tissue converting, achieves perfect adhesion of tissue plies using water alone – no glue.

The technology is the result of months of experimentation at FuturaLab– Futura’s hub of innovation – and the results have been a revelation.

«There are no chemicals at play here» says Futura’s Chief Technology Officer Giovacchino Giurlani. «Perfect adhesion of the tissue plies is the result of a combination of the uniform nip pressure of JOI’s renowned Zero Deflexion steel marrying roll, which evenly connects the plies using water to create permanence to the tissue-to-tissue bond which results».

A product which is more hygienic and pleasant for the consumer to use, and more sustainable, from both an environmental and economic point of view. «The roll which results from JOI Hydro-Bond retains all its qualities, but is better thanks to what it is missing» says Sergio Tonarelli, Futura’s Chief Sales Officer.

The production process without glue will provide increased output. Removing glue from the equation also means reduced contamination of the machine with the benefits which this brings. While glue represents a cost, the main impact is the efficiency-related savings in the process, which mean increased Overall Equipment Efficiency.