Brightness and whiteness


Eco-advanced brightness and whiteness from concentrated Leucophor liquids: Archroma introduces its new patented disulfonated fluorescent whitening agent (FWA), Leucophor ACK liquid. Bringing a new ecological focus to the field of FWA, Archroma’s ultra-concentrated Leucophor ACK liquid is free of urea and other additives that increase nitrogen load and COD in back- and wastewaters, while its higher actives content brings advantages of fewer deliveries, reduced freight costs, lower greenhouse gas emissions and better use of storage capacity. Leucophor ACK liquid enables brilliant whiteness in stock and coating applications, and complies with major international eco-labels.

New patented, urea-containing alternative, Leucophor ACS liquid, retains the advantages of fewer deliveries, reduced freight costs, better use of storage capacity and a lower carbon footprint.