Augmented reality app


    Stora Enso has created an Augmented Reality (AR) mobile app for its carbon-neutral office paper product Multicopy Zero, a product in Stora Enso’s flagship paper brand family, Multicopy.

    The Multicopy Zero AR app lets the user explore the product in the forest where it comes from, as augmented reality overlays virtual information on the natural environment. The forest comes to life as the app enables the user to experience an elk walking through the forest, chanterelles on the ground and birds flying and chirping in the air. The AR app also provides more information about Multicopy Zero and its environmental credentials.

    The augmented reality effect is created with the help of the user’s smartphone or tablet. The device’s camera captures the natural environment, and the app adds virtual elements to the scene, creating an experience where the real world and the virtual world coexist in harmony. The Multicopy Zero AR app can be accessed by downloading an app called GlobeAR and then scanning the Multicopy Zero trigger image printed on the paper.