Careo and Cascades win the Ecma Pro Carton award once again


The Hybric tray for Auchan salads is the packaging which won the Ecma Pro Carton 2015 award for the “volume markets” category.

The packaging was made by VG Meyzieu, which is part of the Van Genechten Packaging group. The cardboard producer is Cascades La Rochette, represented and sold by Careo throughout Europe and Overseas.

The packaging is manufactured with Rochcoat cardboard, FSC certified, and its design reduces the use of plastic to a minimum. The products inside are easily visible and the sauces, knives and forks are placed in a separate compartment. The cardboard and plastic are assembled so that they can be easily separated and recycled after use. This enables the final consumer to use the packaging sustainably and ecologically. Rochcoat cardboard is produced by the Cascades La Rochette factory situated in the Savoy Alps.