Inspection systems

Clariana benefits from next-generation inspection technology


Clariana – Spanish manufacturer of white and colored paper and liner between 30 g/m² and 250 g/m² – has ordered a cutting-edge Web inspection system by Isra Vision for inspecting colored paper. The inspection system identifies and classifies quality-related defects with utmost reliability.

By implementing the inspection solution, Clariana wants to continue to prevent defective products from being delivered to its customers. This will reduce the number of customer complaints, attract new customers and minimize production rejects. The extraordinarily high data quality produced by the inspection system also offers direct insight into every stage of the production process. Well-informed decisions can be made swiftly in order to enhance process efficiency and quality in the long run. Another decisive feature was the fact that the inspection system can be easily integrated into the plant and is intuitive to use, guaranteeing that inspection can start quickly.